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San Francisco, CA

Company C is the leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000. We are looking for a Head of Finance who can help lead us in financial modelling, reporting and forecasting. Creating and managing a systematic, repeatable and accurate structure for aggregating and reporting KPIs across the business. The ideal candidate has a strong start-up pedigree, can take ownership of where the company is going financially and can lead the company into the next phase of fundraising.


Company is the accelerated learning environment for high performing venture backed CEOs nominated by Silicon Valley’s top venture firms. Company is seeking a coach to facilitate member meetings, conduct one-on-one coaching sessions at ...

Greenwich, CT

Company is a private grant-making 501c3/509a that funds high risk, high reward scientific and clinical research (venture philanthropy) dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema. Lipedema is a female condition where irregular fat builds up in the arms and legs, sometimes with pain and swelling. It is widespread but not well-known. Company L is based in Greenwich, CT.

New York

Hiring an experienced CX manager to oversee the team and ensure delivery of first-class customer service, 7-days per week. This candidate should have minimum 4-5 years of customer service experience, feel comfortable managing teams and, ideally, has worked at an e-commerce start-up company.

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